Delivery of hosting services

This Service Level Agreement applies to governs Exchange Hosting and other generously supplied services as Accelera Solutions may provide every once in a while and further defined below. The Exchange Hosting Service includes the supply of proprietary accounts provisioning and management port to be used by Your company administrator and users in controlling your stresses Your associations account. Disaster Recovery – Daily network copies are scheduled into the shared backup devices. Backups are tracked and checked for errors, and on a regular basis scheduled tests of the recovery processes are done. Backup copy retention time seven days, as applicable. Accelera Solutions does not guarantee, however, a valid backup is readily available for every day of the 7 day period.

Depending upon the type of disturbance that has happened, Accelera Solutions may opt to restore the Service with no information. Any information not instantly available following a disruption from the Service will be restored by the newest backup and made available with Accelera Solutions top priority. Accelera Solutions is not accountable for information loss caused by the failure or loss of media. Restoration – Accelera Solutions recognizes that every once in a while, Your administrators or users may accidentally delete, in whole or in part, things on Your database, mailbox or public folders, as relevant. Since this isn’t a system error and recovery may require partial execution of Accelera Solutions disaster recovery processes, Accelera Solutions reserves the right to bill You, and agree to cover, these restorations for a fee, and taxes if appropriate.

Accelera Solutions doesn’t guarantee the integrity of the website content or mail box content, as applicable, of every individual backup. Note that items within a mail box that have been accidentally deleted can normally be restored straight from the Deleted Items Folder by the end user, even after the Deleted Item folder has been emptied. Accelera Solutions will restore these things within 96 hours of an approved petition from Your designated administrator recognizing the fees. Public Folder\/Personal Mailbox Size Limits – You will receive a specified amount of memory allocated to each mailbox, according to the terms of the SOW.

Warnings are automatically sent via e-mail when a user reaches ninety percent 95% of the limit granted by the system administrator for such users personal mailbox. Another warning is sent via e-mail when a user reaches the granted limit. Should a user exceeds it limit, the user will be unable into receive or send e-mail till the user either reduces the mail box size beneath the imposed limit, or is granted a rise in personal mail box capacity by the system administrator. Accelera Solutions isn’t accountable for service unavailability or information loss caused by any mail box or folder exceeding its storage capacity.


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