Configurable computing resources

S.National Institute of Standards and Technology Sept, 2011. Computing is a model for empowering convenient, on demand network access computing resources which published and might be provisioned with service supplier interaction or direction effort. This cloud model is made up of five essential characteristics, 3 service models, and 4 deployment models. Cloud Computing’s NIST Definition lists five attributes of Cloud Computing. It is reasonable to presume that missing any one of these characteristics that are essential means a service or calculating capacity can’t be considered Cloud Computing. On demand self service. A consumer can unilaterally provision computing capacities, like network storage and server time, without requiring interaction as required.

Broad network access. Capabilities are obtained via mechanisms that encourage usage by thick client platforms or thin and available .Resource pooling. The suppliers computing tools are poised to serve customers using a tenant model, with different virtual and physical resources reassigned and assigned according to customer demand. There’s a feeling of location independence in that the consumer usually doesn’t have control or knowledge over the exact place of the provided resources, but can be capable to specify location at a greater level of abstraction .


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