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Wi-Fi is a term employed commonly for Wireless Local Area Networking. Wi-Fi is an easy and fast way of networking devices. Wireless networking is performed as follows – A adapter in the computer transmits these waves with an antenna and converts information. This signal is composed by a wireless router in the area that converts the RF waves back into digital information and transfers the information over the Internet via an Ethernet link. Wireless media uses the frequencies of 2.4GHz or 5GHz. Wireless networking offers a cable free and economical alternative for Local Area Networks. Provided that every computer has a wireless adapter, computers may utilize the wireless router to connect to the Internet.

Wherein case users may experience intermittent connection this link is reliable provided the bandwidth limitation is not exceeded. Wi-Fi is in fact a certificate issued by an alliance composed of over 300 businesses for wireless devices that use that the IEEE 802.11 standard for networking. The accreditation costs are steep however it ensures smooth interfacing of devices with Wi-Fi certification. Wi-Fi also allows peer relations between devices, commonly referred. Each time a Wi-Fi enabled device like a laptop computer, mp3 player or a cell telephone enters the protection of a Wi-Fi network connected to the Internet, access to the internet is available for that device.

A set of access points is known as a hotspot – hotspots are found in public spaces such as parks airports and offices. With a single connection to the internet and a wireless hot spot at a house, cable free Internet connection can be provided into multiple wireless capable devices. As wireless enabled hardware gets cheaper and cheaper, Wi-Fi networks are emerging as that the preferred choice for home networking. The range of a Wi-Fi device is typically between 30-95m. Wireless repeaters are occasionally utilized to extend that the range of Wi-Fi equipment. Wi-Fi devices usually suffer from interference due to devices such as Microwave ovens that work in that the 2.4GHz range. Another problem plaguing Wi-Fi equipment is that the high power consumption. This becomes a problem with portable equipment running on batteries. Pinky is also a Computer Support Specialist for at least 25 years.


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